Thomas Dybadhl – Soul-ly cow!!

If you are drifting a long the sea on a tiny life raft waiting to be rescued in the most story book way possible I hope you are able to fit a boom box on the raft so you can listen to this. Thomas has this incredible smooth voice that not only captures the soul side of you, but his albums drip textures that you could spin all morning long.

The song I’m obsessed with right now is “This Love is Hear to Stay” which has a groove that you can’t escape. If Santana and Marvin Gaye did a collaboration, I’m sure they would draw their influence from this song. Beachy guitars and a backbeat of the baddest soul jam guide the song right into a peaceful start to a good tune. Although he has been making music since 98′, this Norway native is getting our attention because of his easy listening and falsetto singing.

1510547_10152652745364681_3998045570479196518_nFrom the album “What’s Left is Forever” there are many other great relaxing, end of the day, or simply pondering songs that scatter the record giving it a very light feel like as if you were to use it for elevator music for the living room. I highly catching this show if possible, but be sure to bring some good times or caffeine.

When checking out the album, be sure to visit his Band Website where you can find videos on a couple of his great songs from the album.


Favorite track:: “This Love is Here to Stay”

Similar Bands:: Junior Boys, Van Morrison, Marvin Gaye

Album feel:: Early Morning Coffee, Living Room Ambiance




Lykke Li – ke! The girl with a thirsty heart


I was recently told that I have great taste in music. Pretty good compliment for a twenty something. Finally, someone thinks what I like is good! I guess its as good as vindication can get…..but I digress. The real reason you are reading this is because you stumbled upon this blog and are thinking, “When is he gonna get to the good stuff?”

May I present to you Lykke Li. An amazingly talented and very well put together girl whom I would love to marry one day. That’s right, I WANT TO MARRY YOU LYKKE!!! Anyways, she plays with her band in almost in the fashion of Beriut, a whimsical band playing on street corners and trash cans to get there point across. I have found this is to be a winning combo. If I have learned anything of whats popular its just going out, playing on some random street corner with nostalgic instruments, have a guy record it on video, and the pr blast it all over the internet and talk about how “different” you are. The funny thing is that this used to be popular before electric some 100 years ago.

So I hope you get a kick out of this video and you start shoegazing in your socks!


I think there is something sampled in a popular song from this song. I wanna say Peter, Bjorn, and John.


Bonnaroo Weekend

I am finally heading out to a festival this weekend to see some real great shows. Hoping to put up some reviews about the experience and the crazy times I’m going to have while out and about the Bonnaroo landscape. I hear it’s gonna be a hot one, but I am more than ready to take on the heat. I’m really pumped to see some bands I admire such as Arcade Fire, Ratatat, My Morning Jacket, Gorgol Bordello, pretty lights, strokes, and many others.

Bon Iver’s New Album – Untitled – should be called effing amazing

I was sitting at home one day with my coffee at my side and a pair of big  headphones enjoying my day to both intently work on websites and check out  some new local shows when something amazing happened. A man by the  name of Justin Vernon more formally known as Bon Iver shocked and  ruptured my music listening world late in 2009 and now has done it again.

After an apparent itunes fiasco, Bon Iver’s new album was leaked to the  masses with the single “Calgary” on may 17th. Although the album is not supposed to be out till late June, a righteous lucky few people got their hands on the new tunes and as one of them it has been amazing. The album is an expected transition from the songwriter with more crooning and more drums to “beef up” a silent nuance of northern stranger.
One of my favorite tracks already is the opening track named “Perth” and will blow your mind as soon as you hear it. Having elements much like “Team” from the For Emma, Forever album it is slow to start, grabs you right away with the harmonic guitar playing and that sweet sweet voice. I can’t think of a better way to continue his legacy with this album. His playing and composition are stunning and only advancing to a place we used to call “creative”.

We should probably consider titles of the album now that we are in the middle ground before the album releases. My votes are for

“The most effing amazing album ever”

“Look out! This will change you”

“Ninja’s suck compared to this”

Comment on some album names below and get mentioned in the next post!!

The Dig – Soft Spoken Men with a Devilish Hook

Ever feel like your life should be a constant drive across highway 1 going up and down the california coast? Recently, I took an extended drive on the east coast of states from Florida to Ohio and I scanned radio stations in each of the cities to get a taste of music scenes. Although the corporate world dosen’t exactly see anything except dollar bill signs and popular songs, I was able to hear some bands. Unfortunately, all of the bands I heard were nothing compared to the quite parade the Dig put on for me over the good old Internet driven hype that is now.

The Dig’s myspace band page is a great way to get introduced to the swooning sounds of their high fidelity modern rock sound. The echos of Radiohead, pixies, and a bit of Ryan Adams really rings true, but in a greater sense the band is only young and still on their sophomore album. With the new album “Electric Toys” the Dig seems like a band that could either go two ways. One being that they become ground breaking rock stars with great licks and better sounds and the next being that they stall on stop pushing the envelope which is a thought, but highly unlikely for their ambition.

The Dig is definitely worth looking out for in the New York area and will be a great source to get some aggressive rock antics out on the system.

Neon Indian – One part glitter, two parts psychedelic. All part DJ style.

Music genres are the hardest way to describe a band especially in the age of constant remix, sampling, and digital creation. As for Neon Indian, you might as well give up because describing the music is like explaining how stonehenge came to be. Although, the hipsters call it “chillwave”. Neon Indian’s Psychic Chasms is an introduction to a buzzing wah-infused ride of layered harmonies and electronic synths that strike out at you like the theme song to a bad 80’s sitcom. Although the album is brief and a little too out of this world, I can’t stop listening to Neon Indian’s remixes which are simply out of this world.

Recently, my ears laid upon the sound of Grizzly Bear’s ever popular Cheerleader remixed by Neon Indian and lets just say it made MGMT mouths drop wide open. The track begins with a daft punk type intro leading into what I believe is the core sound of what Neon Indian is striving for. Although the album Psychic Chasms does have maybe one or two real obviously killer tracks, its a soundtrack most associated with some kinda of fluffy acid trip with incredible amounts of envelope and wah filters. I am waiting for this band to really get in their new creative movement because once they find their niche as a  collective creative wah infused remix sensation, you will be hearing their name on the lips of record store junkies and even that crazy guy that joins you for a cigarette late on a saturday night.

neon-indian-palomo1According to their tours, it seems they are gathering a lot of steam and street cred over the pond and also here in the states. Originally from Denton, Texas the band is labeled as one of the hottest new bands of 2010 and having one of the best albums of 2009 according to pitchfork media and rollingstones magazine.

If you want to learn more about the band and all its news visit the link below.

Neon Indian Band and Bio

Once I get some money and a couple of prayers answered I may be able to see the incredible sounds of “Deadbeat Summer” and “Should have took Acid with you” live in action. But alas, I must wait. So I suggest if you read this GOOOOO TO THEIR SHOW.

Neon Indian Sample Tracks

As always here is my favorite track I have been BLARING out my window in the morning.

Danger Mouse And Sparklehorse – A quiet bang in the ocean of melancholy

Although featurettes have a cunning way of slipping old veterans back to the spotlight or pocketing young guns into a producer’s portfolio, the album Dark Night of the Soul defines a way that both young and old can idolize the grizzled pains of a black heart. Brian Burton a.k.a Danger Mouse has made incredible strides in the past producing some great albums such as both Black Keys albums Brothers and Attack & Release, Beck’s Modern Guilt, Goriallaz Demon Days, and many others. But at this junction for purity, the overwhelming hardships of his past, present, and future come to remind us of the harsh reality of a lonely life, at the price of losing his best friend.

Sparklehorse a.k.a Mark Linkous was a good friend of Brian Burton and produced many of the tracks heard on the album. After some painful months of depression pouring his heart into his lyrics and music for this album, he committed suicide a few months before the release of the album. The album is not only a tribute, but the trials and tribulations of the young musician going through the depths of hell to seek out retribution.

The album begins with “Revenge” banging out on some soft distorted bells with the scaring vocals of Flaming Lips Frontman Wayne Coyne in a disgruntled dirge to lure satisfied ears. What gets me in the mood for this album is the first words I hear

“Pain…. I guess it’s a matter of sensation” – Wayne Coyne

After hearing this the epic track takes on a life of it’s own as one of the better tracks. The featured artists include the likes of David Lynch, Iggy pop, Julian Casablancas, and Vic Chestnut wrapped neatly into one jointly felt minor chord ceremony.

Although the album has a very somber attitude and isn’t exactly going to be played at your best friend’s wedding, there are a few gems that avoid this creation off the do not play list. “Star Eyes” will capture any cinematographer’s imagination with its distorted vocal nuance dropped in with a dash of quintet in the background. “Jaykub” and “Every time I’m with you” are excellent drowsy songs guaranteed to give you feeling that going fast in a car is all too slow. “Little girl” might as well be a track right out of Phrazes of the Young by Julian Casablancas.

Overall, if you need music to make you even feel worse than you already do this is probably for you. I still love Danger Mouse and all his efforts, but this album isn’t a great moment for him.

Revenge (ft. Flaming Lips) – Seriously sad. Don’t ask about the pictures cause I don’t know.